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Conversing with God

When I was a boy I read many books by GK Chesterton – not his religious books I may say, but his detective stories. He wrote with wit as well as wisdom, and he loved paradox. Maybe that is how I began to read his book called Orthodoxy. This is where paradox comes in, for he wrote it full of wo


Persecuted Christians

On Christmas Day last, the Bishop of Rome, giving his blessing to the City of Rome and to the World, singled out the brutal persecution of minorities by the Islamic State insurgents and urged people not to be indifferent to the suffering of so many around t


Spiritual but not Religious

People today often describe themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. Even well-known atheist Sam Harris is in favour of practising meditation, and many ordinary people want to create spaces of quiet and wonder in their lives. They try to cultivate a quality of awareness that goes dee


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